Through the Mists of Time


The Hive saw Through the Mists of Time, an interactive audio visual installation celebrating imagination and human ability to go beyond the here and now, creating artwork, ceremonies and rituals.


Inspired by the traces left by humans towards the end of the last Ice Age, this project saw a large wooden structure with a small entrance, creating the sense of entering into a cave. Within the 'cave', projections of Paleolithic cave art were displayed on two walls, animated so that the animals moved as if alive. On the third wall was an interactive display. Ice covered the wall, which melted as the visitor approached to reveal figures in strange head dresses. If the visitor moved too close, the figures were again covered by ice, disappearing from view, like our ancestors in the mists of time.


Looking at this period you are kind of looking through the clouds, you are searching through the mist for traces of something you know must be there. You can infer it but often you reach out to grasp it and it vanishes, it disappears”. Robert Hedge, archaeologist


The installation, created by digital artists SDNA, was accompanied by participatory workshops with professional artists and run by Meadow Arts. These informed the installation and, after it was installed, explored the themes that had inspired it.