Ice Age Exhibitions


The project culminated in two exhibitions in the summer of 2018, following 18 months of research. A programme of conservation, reassessment and repackaging was also carried out on the collections held by Museums Worcestershire to inform the exhibitions and ensure the long term survival of the material.




Ice Age @ Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

This exhibition told the story of Worcestershire's Ice Age and the people who made a home in these harsh, dynamic and ever-changing landscapes over the last 500,000 years. Traces of our ancestors are hard to find and rare, but they are right beneath our feet. Worcestershire has produced some incredible finds, many of which had never been exhibited before 2018. Some of the best finds from the collection were show-cased, including the remains of a mammoth found at Strensham Service station on the M5, and flint tools made by our ancestors over 300,000 years ago.


Origins of Us @ The Hive

This exhibition explored how we came to understand our human story. Set against the back drop of Darwin’s Origin of Species and the emergence of our understanding of the antiquity of the earth, the story of how 19th century scholars and collectors came to revelations about the age of the rocks, fossils and human-made artefacts around us, which spoke of distant aeons, is the story of how we understand what it means to be human. The exhibition was designed around a giant copy of the first geology map of Great Britain, produced in 1815 by William Smith (1769 – 1839). Known as "the map that changed the world", it was instrumental in forming our current understanding of British geology.

Loose the Moose – How and why did we get a moose out of the attic, conserved and on display?

- Short film

- Long film